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The 145.370 MHz. and 444.375 MHz. amateur radio repeaters are located on Oglethorpe Mountain near Jasper, Georgia at an elevation of over 3000 feet. The coverage area includes much of North Georgia and Metro Atlanta.

Each repeater is configured identically with ACC RC-85 microprocessor controllers and Motorola MICOR® transceivers.

The telephone patch will dial the Metro Atlanta calling area and all of Pickens County.

At times the repeaters may be on "tone" access. The tone for 145.370 is 100 Hz. and the tone for 444.375 is 103.5 Hz. Using these tones even when the repeaters are not on "tone" will enhance the repeaters sensitivity by opening its squelch circuit while the proper tone is being received. Each repeater continuously encodes it's respective tone while transmitting.

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