Accessing JASPER Digipeater.

Connecting To:

  1. "JASPER": Connects you to the NODE. At the menu, you can then connect from the NODE to another station using the "C" command. Example: "C KB4IZF-1" will connect you, via the NODE, to the other station at your baud rate. The "X" Command will cause the NODE to cross connect you to the other station at opposite the baud rate that you are using (either 1200 or 9600 baud). If you are connected to the NODE at 1200 baud, "X KB4IZF-1" will cause the NODE to establish a 9600 baud connection between it and KB4IZF-1 and vice versa.

  2. "JASPER-1": Connects you to the PBBS (mailbox). All messages are "local". The PBBS does not forward any messages.

  3. "JASPAG": Connects you to the page server. From this menu, you can send pages and view the log file of recently transmitted pages.

Digipeating Via:

  1. "KB4IZF-2" or "JASPER": Simply digipeats you at your incoming baud rate (either 1200 or 9600 baud).

  2. "JASPER-3": Digipeats (cross connects) you at opposite the baud rate that you are using. Example: If you are using 1200 baud and you "C KB4IZF-1 VIA JASPER-3", you will have a 1200 baud path between you and the digipeater and a 9600 baud between the digipeater and KB4IZF-1.

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